Weddings. It seems to be the big talk amongst my group of friends and family, and a lovely little reminder of the fact that I’m getting older and adult life has now definitely crept up upon me. That being said they’re a great excuse for a party and of course as a creative - to design the invites, save the dates, seating plans, the whole shebang! So when Faye our Account Manager approached me to create her wedding stationery, I breathed a sigh of relief!
By working in the creative industry she understood that I was always going to try and push the typical idea of what a wedding invite should be. Where do you start? Well as she is getting married in Vegas it seems a shame to not capitalise on that. We went back and forth between us both when it came to the concepts and including a harebrained idea that included making a dice, that idea quickly got scrapped. In the end we decided to focus on the biggest element you associate with Vegas, gambling of course!
The end result is an invite which fans out as the highest hand you can get in Poker, the royal flush. We used the front of the cards to house the different details that Faye’s guests needed to know, and created a bespoke card pattern for the back of the cards. We used for the print of the invites, their print-finity service gave us the flexibility to use the same back but switch up the front of the cards, stress-free! We also hand punched the rose-gold eyelets to tie the cards together. Fifty royal flushes and four sore hands later we had a happy designer and an even happier Bride. 
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