Redrow designs its homes with character, using only quality fixtures and fittings, and with spacious open plan living as a key feature. But it doesn’t stop there. They also develop thriving communities by putting people at the heart of everything they do.
Whilst the homes Redrow sells and the service they provide is premium, its brand, which was overcomplicated, wasn’t quite matching the products. disjointed and a little confusing.
We knew Redrow needed to take a step back, before it could move forward. 

Role: Lead Creative/Art Director at Absolute
We kicked things off with an in-depth brand and customer landscape audit. We looked at every aspect of the Redrow brand and all the customer touch points. We conducted development site visits in London, Midlands, Yorkshire as well as more locally in the North West. We also did a mystery shopper exercise with Redrow customers and some competitor analysis.
What we found were inconsistent styles overcomplicated by too many components. As well as a brand which was missing a cohesive, engaging brand personality and an emotive tone of voice.
The brand was led by individual product identities which often overshadowed the central Redrow brand, our recommendation was to start, and lead with, the core brand itself. This would allow for a cohesive brand aligned with the high-quality, premium homes Redrow is known for.

Creative director: Simon Allman
Copywriter: Tony Price
Senior Creative: Rob Clayton
Senior Creative: Sarah Dutton
Creative: Sam Donlan
Animation: Mike Ash
Animation: Rob Lomas
Photography: Ben Spriggs
Artworker: David Nightingale

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