A national trailer and trailer part company with more than 50 years experience and 18 branches nationwide, Indespension has been leader and innovator in the sector for decades.
However, it was a company in need of a brand overhaul. 

Role: Lead Creative at Absolute
The brand was entirely functional but seemed disjointed rather than an innovative national company with an eye on further growth and expansion. The brand look was disjointed across channels and branches, assets didn’t accurately convey the customer experience and sales service (which was more often than not excellent over-service) or Indespension’s heritage and expertise.
In short, the brand needed bringing up to date to reflect its ambitions.

Creative director: Simon Allman
Copywriter: Joe Coleman
Copywriter: Abi Davison
Creative: Dan Kinsella
Creative: Mike Wood
Animation: Mike Ash
Artworker: David Nightingale

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