Prosecco & Co
An ampersand icon which perfectly communicates the brand name.

Keoghs Conveyancing
An identity for a conveyancing firm which allows their customer to track their home buying process online.
A new brand name and sparkling new brand identity for this domestic cleaning company.​​​​​​​
Inspired by a family love for elephants this identity for owner, Tracey Moody, incorporates a personal touch for her range of hand-made unforgettable kids clothing.
Lauri – The AI lawyer
To launch Keoghs' new AI product, we brought to life ‘Lauri’. As part of the brand creation Absolute created two identity concepts, although this one wasn’t selected, it was still a strong concept with plenty of personality. The icon was animated to show different expressions depending on what stage the litigation process was in.
Team Park Run
An unused icon for a series of special park run events where members of Team GB would support park runs up and down the country. A three in one icon which communicates the setting, activity and olympic track.
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